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You post your anonymous Star Trek fan secrets, we post them.
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rules of the game
1. Friend the community; don’t join. The only members of the community are your moderators.

2.STAY ON TOPIC. Secrets must be Star Trek related, or the actors that play in Star Trek. As much as we love our bb Anton in Terminator, don’t start an all out discussion about John Connor. This community covers all Star Trek fandom (TOS, TNG, DS9, etc, etc, etc), not just the new movie.

3. Once a secret is submitted, it will be posted. Check, double-check, and check again you really want this to get out there, and then submit your little heart out.

4. While this is a place for secrets, be respectful. Despite your anonymity, pointlessly starting drama is not encouraged. If your secret is pointlessly wanky, chances are we will not submit it. Flame characters and everything you want, but there will be no flaming actual members of the Star Trek fandom.

5. Please keep all secrets under 600x600 pixels in size. Please only submit one secret per comment as well.

6. If you have an issue with any particular secret, contact a mod. This does NOT mean, however, you should contact us to whine about so and so saying your "sweetbbZQ" was dissed by a hater. First of all, ZQ is not yours. Second of all--quit yer bitchin', or Spock will go into spontaneous Pon Farr and drill your head into the ground. All secrets are the opinions of the creators, not necessarily everyone in the community.

7. Pon Farr jokes are always welcomed with open arms. Ask Marisa, her AIM sn is ipleadponfarr and everyone loves it.
how to play
1. Each week (or whenever needed), a mod will post a Secret Submissions Post. If you have a secret, here’s your chance! This post will be open for about a week (depends on our schedules) or up until we reach 50+ secrets.

2. Put your secret on a fandom-related image, or on some sort of colored background. Make sure it’s under 600x600 pixels, and be mindful of the color fonts you're using.

3. Upload your image. Services such as imageshack and tinypic will be your best friend. We do not recommend Photobucket as that's not very anonymous.

4. Get the link for your image ready, and ANONYMOUSLY post on the Secret Submissions Post. Be sure to post as anonymous; the entries are screened, but this saves us the trouble of having to approve every comment. ONLY POST THE LINK, PLEASE.

5. If you have more than one secret, post in a separate comment.

6. If there’s anything you need to warn us of (ie, “this secret will self-destruct in fifteen seconds” or “may not be suitable for minors”), please tell us in the comment. You are responsible for the content of your secret, not us.

7. That’s it! Push the submit button and wait for your secret to be shared.

8. But wait, there’s more! After the secrets have been posted, they will be identifiable only by a number. COMMENT WITH THE NUMBER OF THE SECRET YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT. Comments on secrets can be anonymous, but they don’t have to be.

If you would like your community to be affiliates, please contact a mod and we will add you to this column after you've added us to your info. We would like mainly Star Trek related communities, but communities regarding actors/actresses of the shows and films are fine.

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